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Letter from the Vice President

In the 21st century, information technology investments at Virginia Tech are specifically focused on research and discovery. Maintaining research competitiveness requires high-performance computational and network capacity. Within that capacity, other university missions — learning, engagement, and administration — can be supported well and with appropriately high capacity and high performance.

Safety and security are constant watchwords throughout the deployment of information technologies. Communications systems, both wired and wireless, support critical infrastructures from energy management systems to interpersonal communications to security systems. Designing for extraordinarily high availability ensures that the communications required in emergencies can be utilized.

Embedded in these efforts is the imperative for up-to-date technology, positioning the university to respond to emerging needs and helping safeguard systems against attacks from computer viruses, spyware, and other “malware.” Information Technology provides leadership to the distributed and decentralized computing installations within the university to stay current so as to manage interoperability, security, and effective operations.

Appropriately incorporating competitive-edge technologies benefits both the university and also the extended communities of the commonwealth and beyond. Through collaboration regionally and nationally, we have influenced the information economy, driven costs down, and created advantages for Virginia businesses and citizens. These efforts have included Blacksburg Electronic Village in the 1980s, the pre‐dawn of the Internet; NetworkVirginia in the 1990s that drove ubiquitous access in Virginia ahead of other states; and more recently, National LambdaRail/Internet2 as these efforts help evolve Internet technology and infrastructure.

To learn more about these and other Information Technology services, view More complete descriptions of our support and accomplishments can be found in our Information Technology Strategic Plan and the current Annual Activities Report.

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Erv Blythe
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

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